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Cattle Farmer Bryce Oxford Discusses How New Technologies Can Help the Livestock Industry

Cattle farmer Bryce Oxford discusses how new technologies are advancing the livestock industry. OAK HARBOR, WA / OCTOBER 3, 2020 / People aren’t often associated with farming with technology. However, the agriculture industry is constantly experiencing technological advancements. The livestock industry in particular is benefiting from state-of-the-art technologies, which make the job of being a […]

How Small Farms Can Thrive During the Pandemic, According to Bryce Oxford

Farmer Bryce Oxford explains how small farms can thrive during and after the coronavirus pandemic.  The COVID-19 crisis has affected several industries around the globe. The economic fallout associated with the pandemic has caused many unprecedented problems for farmers across the United States. As patrons stopped eating in restaurants and setting stricter budgets, farmers turned to the […]