Cattle Farmer Bryce Oxford Discusses How New Technologies Can Help the Livestock Industry

Cattle farmer Bryce Oxford discusses how new technologies are advancing the livestock industry.

OAK HARBOR, WA / OCTOBER 3, 2020 / People aren’t often associated with farming with technology. However, the agriculture industry is constantly experiencing technological advancements. The livestock industry in particular is benefiting from state-of-the-art technologies, which make the job of being a cattle farmer easier and more profitable. Cattle farmer Bryce Oxford recently discussed some of the technologies aiding the industry right now.

“We’ve seen a variety of startups enter the livestock industry in recent years, and they’re making our lives as cattle farmers easier,” Bryce Oxford said. “This is an inherently challenging industry, and although farming isn’t always regarded as the most advanced sector, I think people would be surprised to see how much we rely on technology to succeed.”

Bryce Oxford mentioned the CattleEye technology out of Ireland. This livestock monitoring platform can drastically improve the quality of life of livestock, and in turn, farmers as well. It uses an artificial intelligence platform to assess imagery of livestock from live cameras. It can then determine insights about the health of cows and more.

Bryce Oxford added that the industry has seen numerous advancements in terms of products that can help keep livestock healthier. General Probiotics has been developing state-of-the-art cellbots to remove damaging pathogens in livestock. It will reduce the industry’s current dependency on antibiotics by engineering the most advanced probiotics, through the use of artificial intelligence and synthetic biology.

“One of the most unique innovations we’ve seen lately is from H2OAlert in the Netherlands,” Bryce Oxford said. “Monitoring water consumption for livestock has always been a challenging task. This startup has created a wireless, real-time water control system for beef and dairy cattle.”

Bryce Oxford explained that this device can constantly monitor the quantity and quality of drinking water for cattle. It is constantly checking for pollutants or problems with the water supply, which could be detrimental to cattle health. Oxford added this technology does more than make the lives of farmers easier. It improves the quality of life of the cattle as well as the quality of milk and beef we consume.

Similarly, Bryce Oxford explained that Moonsyst is bringing similar technologies to the industry. This tech product is able to collect real-time data on numerous parameters of livestock. This constant data collection can help detect stress, diseases, and excessive heat immediately, so livestock farmers can take swift action.

“All of these technological advancements and so many others are benefiting us as farmers, the cattle, and the people consuming meat and dairy products from them,” Bryce Oxford said. “We’re grateful, because these state-of-the art products provide a win-win situation for everyone involved.”



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