Bryce Oxford

Born and raised in Oak Harbor, WA, Bryce M. Oxford enjoys spending time on his family farm. Rain or shine, Bryce Oxford enjoys spending time in the field caring for his animals and tending to his crops. In today's day and age of the hustle and bustle, Bryce wishes others good experience the fulfillment that farm life has brought him. Raising cattle takes hard work and dedication and those are the values that Bryce tries to embody.

Bryce is a vocal advocate for the emerging farm-to-table movement, as he is a self-proclaimed health-nut, and takes pride in providing local restaurants fresh ingredients.

Bryce M. Oxford loves Oak Harbor, WA because of the ideal climate for his crops. He also enjoys being close enough to the big city but far enough away.

Bryce Oxford is optimistic about the growth in the farm-to-table movement across Washington, and providing helping families find fresh ingredients they can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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